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About Skyway Express

Skyway Express Inc. is an ARC / IATA / CLIA travel agency, established in 1978, with long accredited history providing full line of travel and tour services, including ticketing, inbound and outbound tours, cruises to worldwide clients. Customer care is our mission, with our professional and experienced staff, we provide reliable and satisfied leisure experience to our customers to the fullest. Well recognized in organizing high quality worldwide tours accommodating customer specifics. We specialized in China and Southeast Asia region with our well established bilateral relationship overseas, as the pioneer travel agency to China since China first opened its market in 70’s. We are the appointed Hawaii Agent of the China Travel Service for Head Office Beijing and Hong Kong since the 80’s. Designated travel agency for the Narcissus Queen China Goodwill Tour for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii since 1981 to present, to organize “ambassadors of aloha” tours aboard.

We are the travel agency you can depend on to serve you with satisfaction.
 Skyway Express Inc.
 1028 Smith St. #105
 Honolulu, HI 96817
 Ph:  808-526-1347
 Fax: 808-537-6999
 email: info@skywayexpresstravel.com

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